MoveOn’s Real Voter Voices program was a breakthrough in voter mobilization and persuasion, centered in authentic and personal videos from MoveOn members in key districts and states.

We collected 2,500 selfie-style videos  that spoke compellingly to voters of all walks of life. We then used cutting-edge analytics to identify which voters would be compelled by which specific videos and used social media targeting to reach those audiences of voters.
Our innovative approach was tested and honed in special and primary elections in 2017 and early 2018, where it was proved to be as much as five times more cost-effective than other traditional persuasion and GOTV approaches.

MoveOn ran over 260 video ads in

90 House districts

10 Senate Races

10 gubernatorial races

Including Spanish-language ads in Texas.

We targeted over


in key races and project that we moved hundreds of thousands of votes for Democrats.

We were also one of the top spenders on Facebook ads in the final two weeks of the election.