Together, millions of MoveOn members powered a historic wave election that ended GOP control of the House.

MoveOn’s Resist & Win program combined grassroots resistance energy with innovative technology and tactics to support hundreds of diverse, progressive candidates up and down the ballot. Ultimately, our work together meant that hundreds of thousands of additional people cast votes for Democrats—and made an essential difference in races across the country.

Thank you for all that you do!

Building a Blue Wave

Resist & Win engaged and mobilized our millions strong member base to take action to help end GOP control of the House.


MoveOn’s Real Voter Voices program was a breakthrough in voter mobilization and persuasion, centered in authentic and personal videos from MoveOn members in key districts and states.

Endorsed Candidates

MoveOn members endorsed candidates in more than one hundred House districts and four Senate races, as well as an inspiring slate of 110 diverse and progressive candidates at the state and local levels.​

In 2018, more Black women ran for office than ever before.

MoveOn invested heavily to fund, get out the vote, and elect them.

We raised more than

1.3 MIL

in campaign donations for
Black women candidates

the blue wave included five Black women newly elected to Congress!

Grassroots Donations!

In the 2018 cycle, MoveOn raised more than $4.5 million directly for candidates in dozens of key House and Senate races via contributions from more than 204,000 individual MoveOn members.
We raised more than $250,000 for candidates in contested primaries, demonstrating the bold progressive values we stand for, including economic, racial, and social justice as well as reflective leadership in our elected representatives.








MoveOn’s millions of members played an essential role in ending Republican control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections–and contributed to a wave of wins by a diverse slate of progressive champions at all levels of government. Together, we helped lead a nationwide march to the ballot box through in-person voter contact, an innovative Real Voter Voices video persuasion campaign, social outreach, and peer-to-peer texting, ultimately moving hundreds of thousands of votes for Democrats.
Now, the next phase of our work begins—to end the Trump presidency, to root out the old and deep injustices of white supremacy and patriarchy and plutocracy that got us here, to tackle the newer crises like climate change, to build the kind of country we want to pass on to today’s children and to tomorrow’s. Together MoveOn members are committed to building a country where there’s a place of honor and dignity for everyone, and where everyone is set up to thrive.