Endorsed Candidates

MoveOn members invested in broadening the map this year, and endorsed candidates in more than one hundred House districts and four Senate races, as well as an inspiring slate of 110 diverse and progressive candidates at the state and local levels, from governors’ races to state legislatures and other local offices.
MoveOn-endorsed candidates were far more representative of America than our current Congress. More than 60% of our House endorsements were women (compared to 20% currently serving in Congress) and one- third were people of color (compared to 24% currently in Congress). Over 70% of them were first-time candidates.


of endorsements were women


of endorsements were first time candidates

Each of our endorsed candidates is committed to fighting for progressive values as they ascend to power—including expanding health care, ensuring protections for immigrants, building an economy that works for everyone instead of a wealthy few, and providing a check on the Trump administration.

highlighted federal wins

MoveOn members moved from “Resistance” to helping power many of our endorsed congressional candidates to victory. Members contacted voters by text and phone, organized in-person voter contact events, spread the word on social media, and gave contributions directly to our endorsed candidates.
We supported and endorsed candidates in key primary elections, helping propel inspiring, visionary candidates such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib to the general election.
Mike Levin
19748 Text messages sent
$11340 Contributed directly
Lucy McBath
41288 Text messages sent
104255 Voters targeted with digital ads
$85764 Contributed directly
Antonio Delgado
50016 Text messages sent
222491 Voters targeted with digital ads
$5000 Contributed directly
Sharice Davids
83291 Text messages sent
348537 Voters targeted with digital ads
$5000 Contributed directly
Colin Allred
2434 Text messages sent
320909 Voters targeted with digital ads
$12231 Contributed directly
Tammy Baldwin
757472 Text messages sent
377628 Voters targeted with digital ads
$93751 Contributed directly
Lauren Underwood
73712 Text messages sent
353069 Voters targeted with digital ads
$85795 Contributed directly

highlights in state & local races

For the 110 progressive candidates MoveOn endorsed for state and local offices around the country, MoveOn’s endorsement served as a valuable stamp of approval.

Local MoveOn volunteers, social media amplification, and direct contributions all gave them valuable support. Many of these candidates are rising stars in the national progressive movement. They ran on bold platforms of change and economic and social justice and represented the diversity of their communities.



Garlin Gilchrist, MI Lt. Governor

Jo Comerford, MA State Senate

Anna Eskamani
State House
Faith Winter
State Senate
Wesley Bell
St. Louis
MO County Prosecutor
Mandela Barnes
Lt. Govenor
Lina Hidalgo
Harris County Judge
Gretchen Whitmer
Stacey Abrams