The 2022 midterms were a referendum on MAGA Republicanism and a fight for our democracy.

In the face of extreme gerrymandering, disinformation, and voter suppression, we the people rose up to defy historical precedent.

While history and pundits predicted a “red wave,” PEOPLE POWER defied the odds, dealing a blow to MAGA extremists who only want to take us backward.

Because we turned out in big numbers, we held the Senate for Democrats, elected pro-democracy champions for governor and secretary of state in critical states, and demonstrated that people-first policies are a winning strategy for Democrats.

This election season, MoveOn members have...

1.3 M

What we accomplished together is remarkable.

By holding the Senate for Democrats, we continue down the road to progress and can prevent the rolling back of our rights and freedoms. By defending democracy at the state level, we defended our right to vote and ensured every vote counts.

And we’re not stopping until we have an America that works for all of us.