Together, we mobilized a massive grassroots force of people who volunteered, contributed to candidates, and organized others to turn out to vote.

In one of the most innovative and expansive relational turnout programs of the 2020 cycle, MoveOn built an invisible army of volunteers who took to the virtual streets to mobilize their personal contacts who live in battleground states to vote.

We knew, based on turnout studies, that the most effective way to cut through the noise of a raucous election cycle and reach the voters who mattered the most was to recruit, train, and remind volunteers to take responsibility for turning out three or more target voters they knew personally—their friends, coworkers, classmates, church, community, family, and even football team members.

Nearly 1 million MoveOn volunteers mobilized their personal networks and helped to turn out more than


These volunteers were recruited, trained, and organized through our Mobilize to Win program, which targeted 7 million ‘high-potential voters’ - young people, people of color, and previously infrequent voters.

Our analytics team created sophisticated predictive models to identify who among our membership were part of or had connections into those critical communities, and we tested over 50 messages and scripts to find the most motivating message that would inspire each individual to get involved & take responsibility for turning out three or more friends to vote.

While VOTE TRIPLERS helped to get three friends to vote, VOTE MOBILIZERS built a team of ten swing state voters who each also got three friends to vote each and were concentrated in the counties that may have tipped the scales.

And these volunteers aren’t going anywhere. They will remain part of the MoveOn community to help build long-term power.

Moveon endorsed more than 50 Senate and House candidates

in an effort to build progressive power in America.

A MoveOn endorsement includes donations, social media amplification, bundling, press outreach, and targeted GOTV texts and shift recruitment. 

Our endorsements were broken down into incumbent protections, progressive champs, and exciting challengers. We also got involved in a few very high-profile primary races, like Marie Newman in IL-03 and Ed Markey’s Senate race in Massachusetts. 

Electing Leaders

in the senate

MoveOn members endorsed 10 Senate challengers in our effort to throttle GOP control of the Senate. We raised more than $2M for Senate candidates, engaged millions of members in these key states, and executed an enormous GOTV effort with voter contacts via email and text to increase turnout.

Amidst a surge of grassroots donations from members, we launched an innovative $3.5M+ Senate ad campaign during the final four weeks of voting. This investment was in TV, radio, digital, and streaming ads in the key Senate battlegrounds. The program was covered in Politico, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Each ad was proven effective to persuade and turn out key constituencies, including young voters, voters of color, and women. Ultimately, thanks in large part due to the surge in Black and Latinx voters that our efforts helped drive, we flipped Arizona, and both Senate seats in Georgia.