Together, we protected the integrity of this election and our nation’s democracy.

Combatting disinformation

Foreign and domestic groups supporting Trump’s re-election funded disinformation campaigns across social media platforms, spreading confusion about how to vote, amplifying disillusionment with the Democratic Party, and inflaming conflict within communities that historically vote for Democrats.

In the last few weeks before Election Day, we leaned deeply into our Philly partner’s campaign, “#VoteDownCovid with Black Joy.”

We created social media content and short videos lifting up the voices of Black Philadelphians and pumped out pro-voter messaging through national and local Philadelphia influencer networks.

The ability to vote by mail was essential this election. In August, MoveOn held a massive national day of action to #SaveThePostOffice in response to blatant efforts to undermine the post office and influence the election by slowing mail, removing mail-sorting machines, and warning states not to count on the post office to deliver ballots. 

At more than 800 post offices across the country, MoveOn members and our allies stood—masked and socially distanced—in solidarity with postal workers everywhere and to defend the essential public institution and our democracy from Trump and Postmaster General DeJoy. This pressure forced DeJoy to stop some of his operational changes in their tracks. And in October, the USPS finally agreed to reverse many of the destructive decisions.

Together, we ensured every vote was counted. MoveOn partnered with Common Cause, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and voting rights allies to demand state and local officials expand access to voting rights.

We helped defeat new voter suppression laws in Georgia and Ohio and worked to expand access to ballot drop boxes, remove witness requirements on ballots, and extend voter registration deadlines.

Amidst a pandemic, we prioritized informing all voters of their voting options. Each method of voting had traditional and new challenges. We also recruited over 5,000 poll workers in strategic geographic locations to ensure key polling places would not close due to lack of staffing.


to protect the victory

While MoveOn was sharply focused on defeating Donald Trump at the ballot box, we also prepared for the possibility that we would need to protect that victory from Trump’s efforts to overthrow a democratic outcome. MoveOn was one of the driving organizations that helped stand up the Democracy Defense Coalition, a project of the Fight Back Table, a coalition of over 800 organizations across the country working together to prepare for the possibility that we would need to combat Trump’s attempts to delegitimize the results of the election.

Thousands of MoveOn members pledged to mobilize if Trump’s refusal to accept the outcome of the election or attempts to overturn the results were more than simply futile. Luckily, the need for national mass mobilization to protect the results never transpired, and instead, MoveOn members in key battleground states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin joined with state and local organizations to celebrate and cement the Biden-Harris win and continue the necessary and successful work to ensure the votes were certified.