Greg Abbott & Texas DFPS: Trans youth deserve to thrive

Recently, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, directed the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to investigate parents, medical professionals, and teachers, if they help trans kids seek out gender-affirming care, labeling it as “child abuse.”

A Texas state district judge temporarily blocked these investigations, but the fight isn’t over.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is already facing crisis levels in Texas, as it attends to credible reports of actual child abuse. 

Today and always, we’re reaffirming and wholeheartedly uplifting our support of the trans community. Trans kids deserve the right to lead happy lives with space to pursue their dreams, regardless of where they live—and their families should be able to raise their children without threats from the government. 

Trans lives deserve to be protected, every single day of the year. No one should have to live in fear about their safety. It’s ridiculous that trans youth continue to be threatened here in Texas and across the country by their state governments, the very same leadership that’s supposed to advocate and care for them.

People should be able to be themselves, support their families, and live freely. The effects of this policy would simply be devastating on trans kids and their families. We can’t let these violent, dehumanizing attacks against queer people win. When we join together, we have the power to demand the resources that families need and deserve.