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If you are looking to offer help to or seek help from a person instead of an organization, you can go to this map of local Mutual Aid groups.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mutual aid network is where you can seek help from or offer help directly to people in your local community, such as grocery shopping, pharmacy runs, and even donations. This site provides a list of resources from organizations, mutual aid groups, and government agencies, rather than from individuals.

If you’d like to contribute to a mutual aid network, we recommend you search for your local mutual aid group at

If you seek individual help, like a grocery or pharmacy run, please go to

We assembled this list internally by researching various resources. We know it doesn’t encompass everything, and that’s why we are asking you to also recommend resources that have been useful to you or someone you know. Your submission will make this resource list much more robust and impactful, and we thank you!

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Submitting resources that have been helpful to you or someone in your community will help us make this resource list as robust and impactful as possible. We want to include things that are helping you on the ground in your community, so please send details via this form.

Suggested resources will be posted in one to two weeks if they meet certain criteria.

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