2024 VOTE

Thank you for signing up to be a Vote Mobilizer! Your commitment to organizing with MoveOn will help secure a win in November!

What is a Vote Mobilizer?

Vote Mobilizers are our election program leaders who will drive voter contact efforts in their area and across the country! 

As a Vote Mobilizer, you will:

  • complete a short training program (90 minutes, virtual monthly call) to gain the skills needed to lead teams of volunteers in persuasive conversations with voters.
  • have the opportunity to organize monthly events to bring your community together and write, call, and talk directly to surge voters who could deliver the margin of victory in the election.
  • Meet other progressives, make lifelong friends, and win prizes!




House parties across the country and livestream announcing

MoveOn’s election strategy.



Learn how to have effective and persuasive conversations 

with friends & family and leverage social media in your organizing



Message guidance and voter 

persuasion best practices

sneak peek

Spring & Summer:

Vote Mobiizers will lead voter outreach using multiple methods of contact, persuading voters to support the Democratic candidates and vote in November. During this period, Vote Mobilizers will host monthly events to reach surge voters where they are at and persuade them to vote.

Fall: Get Out The Vote (GOTV) Vote Tripling!

After our persuasion efforts we will move to Vote Tripling, supporting our communities to GOTV! Vote Tripling uses relational organizing tactics to increase voter participation by getting supporters to turnout their friends and family to vote.