Stop Funding Fox

Fox “News” is not a legitimate news outlet. Through QAnon conspiracy theories, anti-vaccine rhetoric; attacks on immigrants, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community; efforts to rewrite the history of January 6, and more, Fox News has consistently shown it will promote hate and lies to push a right-wing political agenda.1


Fox News just paid Dominion Voting Systems’ over $787.5 million in a defamation lawsuit for promoting lies and conspiracy theories about the 2020 election that they knew to be bogus, in order to boost ratings and profits. 2


Meanwhile, Fox News is striking deals with corporate advertisers and negotiating with cable companies, which are the primary source of revenue for the channel. Through direct outreach to popular consumer brands and cable companies, we will pressure these companies to stop funding Fox’s dangerous lies and hurt Fox News’ bottom line.   

Meet Fox’s Funder Friends

Every dollar given to Fox News funds the dangerous rhetoric and conspiracies that they blast on air. Cable companies and advertisers provide two major revenue streams for Fox News. The most effective way we can hold Fox News accountable for their lies is to demand that these companies stop funding the channel through any new advertising or potential increased cable fees.3

Take Action

Sign the Petition

No one should be forced to pay for this right-wing propaganda machine! 

Sign the petition to demand that all cable service providers make the Fox News channel optional!

Call Your Cable Company

Did you know that if you pay for cable, you’re probably forced to pay about $20 directly to Fox News every year, even if you boycott the channel?4 That’s because Fox News charges cable and satellite companies a fixed amount per subscriber, and these companies pass that charge on to you. These fees are responsible for $1.8 billion of Fox News’ revenue and are a massive part of Fox News’ profitability.

According to Fox, they are beginning to renew these agreements with companies like Comcast, and Fox will likely try to raise the subscriber fee for Xfinity subscribers.5,6 If you’re a customer, call and tell them that you do not want your cable bill to increase because of Fox.

Call Comcast’s Xfinity cable: 


Email Fox Funders

While many corporations have stopped advertising on Fox News’ most hateful programs, such as “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” they continue advertising elsewhere on the network. Any amount of advertising on Fox News subsidizes and supports more far-right propaganda programming on the network. We demand that Subway, General Motors, and AT&T stop future advertising on Fox News immediately.

Send an email to Subway, General Motors, and AT&T and tell them to stop funding Fox! Demand they stop enabling Fox News’ lies, propaganda, and bigotry by dropping all future advertising on Fox News.


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