Friday, October 28 – Sunday, November 6
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Join us for a free night of music, comedy, electrifying special guest speakers including Senator Bernie Sanders and more as we get fired up to protect our rights and freedom at the ballot box this November. 

Help defend abortion rights and #VoteFightWin!

Rally Dates & Locations

Friday, Oct 28
@ 12:00PM
Reno, NV

Friday, Oct 28
@ 8:00PM
Las Vegas, NV

Saturday, Oct 29
@ 8:00PM
Austin, TX

Friday, Nov 4
@ 12:00PM
Eau Claire, WI

Friday, Nov 4
@ 4:00PM
La Crosse, WI

Friday, Nov 4 w/Cordae
@ 8:00PM
Madison, WI

Saturday, Nov 5
@ 6:00PM
Ann Arbor, MI

Sunday, Nov 6
@ 12:00PM
Pittsburgh, PA

Sunday, Nov 6
@ 5:30PM
Philadelphia, PA

Take Action from Home
There are plenty of easy ways to get out the vote in your community and meaningfully impact the election.
Triple Your Vote

Remind 3 friends to vote!

Make your plan to vote
Your vote is power. Make a plan to vote early or on Election Day.
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Call out the vote

Have a few hours? Help get out the vote by calling voters and asking them to remind three friends to vote.

Find other events and volunteer opportunities.

Want to reach young voters where they're at? Search for more events and other ways to get involved in your area ahead of the midterm elections.

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MoveOn and NextGen are partnering to present “Our Future Is Now,” a get-out-the-vote rally tour with musical performances and special guests including Bernie Sanders to galvanize voters to the polls.


Our Future Is Now will be a night of entertainment and inspiration—a party, concert, and rally to rev up our engines and get us ready to win this election with progressive champions ready to fight for us.

This is our chance to protect our rights by electing Democrats to the Senate, House of Representatives, and for state and local offices who will champion our issues. 

Come to enjoy and leave with swag, ideas, and a plan to triple your vote in November. 

Join us to get out the vote in your community, so we can shape a government that respects us, reflects us, and represents us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The youth vote can determine the outcome of the 2022 midterms. With so many issues that disproportionately affect this generation on the line, including abortion access, student debt, and climate change, we need to energize students and young folks in key cities and states around the country to vote in the upcoming election and showcase the power of every vote.

Please find your event and RSVP here. Your RSVP is not guaranteed entry, so please come early! The events will be first come, first served but you must be pre-registered for entry.

Each event will differ slightly, but the programs should be about two hours each.

Each venue will differ, but every venue will have a select amount of seats as well as ADA seating areas. Please come early to guarantee a seat.

We will abide by local COVID-19 guidelines in each city. Masks will be highly encouraged.


Paid for in part by MoveOn Political Action. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.