Generation Rainbow was created by MoveOn as a space for queer folks and allies to take action against Republican attacks that seek to erase LGBTQ+ people. On this site, you’ll find resources to share, as well as ways to take action signing a petition, sending a letter to your representative, and more.

States are barring trans youth from receiving gender-affirming and lifesaving health care. Our bodies and our lives are on the line. We have to fight to create the world we want and deserve. Will you fight with us?

Here are a few resources from queer-led and allied organizations that focus on protecting and supporting LGBTQ+ folks across the nation. Feel free to use and share these resources with friends and loved ones!
Republicans have launched an all-out attack on LGBTQ+ rights in the past few years. And if we don’t vote them out in November, they’ll continue to roll back protections. Learn more about the damage Republicans have done.