Who Is No Labels?

No Labels, a dark-money group with funding from MAGA donors wants you to vote for its third-party presidential ticket instead of President Biden. It’s a trap.
A vote for No Labels or any third-party presidential ticket will only help elect Trump and MAGA extremists, putting our fundamental rights and freedoms at risk.

No Labels Will Reelect Trump

No Labels does not have the path or math to win the presidency, and their campaign would only help Donald Trump get reelected in 2024. Their own data suggests they would spoil the election for Democrats and put Trump back in the White House.

No Labels has no path to earning 270 electoral votes.

No Labels Is Running An Anti-Democratic Process

Who is Funding No Labels?

No Labels is a political organization reportedly backed by $70 million of dark money with connections to right-wing donors.
Despite acting like a political party, No Labels refuses to tell the public who all of their funders are for their third-party efforts. Voters deserve to know who is paying for their campaign before they decide to support them. We don’t know everything about who funds them, but here’s what we do know.

No Labels Donors:

Harlan Crow is a major No Labels donor, including hosting events and funding their Super PAC. Crow was most famously tied to funding lavish trips for MAGA Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. 

Despite No Labels claiming on their website that they were “absolutely not” funded by Trump supporters, Florida real estate developer Allan Keen a No Labels donor turned adviser, had previously given $135,000 to a Trump fundraising committee.

Billionaire investor Nelson Peltz who has given $900,000 to No Labels, was a former Trump supporter who had held a fundraiser at his waterfront residence in Florida.

Who Will No Labels Nominate for President?

No Labels will have no primary or caucus for voters to participate in. Their millionaire donors and D.C. insiders are handpicking their candidates with no chance for the public to make their voices heard. No Labels and its eventual ticket will threaten abortion access and many of Americans’ fundamental freedoms. Here are the types of candidates they’re considering.

Jon Huntsman

Huntsman supported a constitutional ban on abortion.
Huntsman“If I had a Chance to repeal (Obamacare), I would.”
Huntsman supported Republicans’ plan to privatize Medicare.

Pat McCrory

McCrory signed multiple laws implementing new abortion restrictions, including bans for coverage by some insurance plans.
McCrory signed a law banning transgender people from using public restrooms.
McCrory privatized Medicaid and his administration mismanaged the state’s Medicaid and food stamps program.

Kyrsten Sinema

After receiving millions in campaign donations from Wall Street, Sinema single-handedly blocked legislation to raise taxes for billionaires.
Sinema voted against raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, preventing workers from getting a much-deserved pay bump in the middle of the pandemic.
Sinema upheld Senate filibuster rules blocking voting rights legislation.

What They’re Saying About No Labels

Endless voices from across the political spectrum, and even some within No Labels, have cast doubt on their dangerous third-party efforts.

Even Donald Trump has said that a No Labels campaign will only help his reelection efforts.

Current and Former No Labels Officials Cast Doubt:

“Multiple top No Labels leaders tell CNN they remain in the dark about the path forward.”
Larry Hogan
Former No Labels Board Member

Former Maryland GOP Governor Larry Hogan quit the No Labels board last month over frustration that power and information were being hoarded by group leadership. “It’s been far less organized than he expected it to be” and “he doesn’t see a plan coming together,” said a person familiar with Hogan’s thinking. “You don’t know where this train is going, and you’re signing up for something you didn’t necessarily sign up for.” CNN, 1/28

Joe Manchin:
Former No Labels Board Member

“I am not going to be a … spoiler, whatever you want to call it. I just don’t think it’s the right time. Democracy is at stake right now”. Andrew Solender 2/16 & Axios 2/16

John Leonard:

Treasurer of No Labels, North Carolina

“ … these high flying numbers are going to crash when concept meets reality and we actually have to put candidates forward …. I really worry about the prospect of Biden losing support and Donald Trump being inadvertently elected in the Electoral College.” No Labels Common Sense Talks with Ryan Clancy, 12/20/2023

William Galston:
No Labels Co-Founder

“Mr. Biden can win the 2024 election if he is able to consolidate the anti-Trump vote, as he did in 2020. But if a No Labels ticket receives even a tiny share of the vote in key states, Mr. Trump could end up back in the Oval Office.” WSJ 7/18/23

Leaders from across the political spectrum speak out against No Labels:

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