Summer Lee

Making history as the first Black woman elected to Congress in Pennsylvania was just the start; Congresswoman Lee has been a force for growth and change in her district.


Within her first year in federal office, Congresswoman Lee brought back over $1 billion to the district, a historic investment into the city of Pittsburgh’s crumbling infrastructure. In addition to the influx of capital that is revitalizing aging infrastructure, Summer Lee has brought back more than $550 million to increase access to affordable housing and good-paying union jobs.


It is clear that Congresswoman Lee is a harbinger for change who represents everybody, including the most vulnerable in her district.


If reelected, Congresswoman Summer Lee will continue to champion critical interventions needed so that we can reimagine our criminal justice system, ensure unions for every worker, raise wages, and build a future rooted in social, environmental, racial, and economic justice.


Here are just a few reasons some local MoveOn members are supporting Summer Lee in her reelection bid:

“Summer is the real deal. She has always stayed true to her values and fought for the most vulnerable communities among us. I really love how she shows up for her district and represents the changing face of the Democratic Party.” –Kirsten W.

“She is doing a great job at addressing our local and national issues, helping bring several hundred millions of dollars for Southwestern Pennsylvania.” –Gary M.

“She has integrity, unlike many of our current politicians, and has always had a true progressive platform. She’s a fighter, she’s a winner, and we need her representation in Congress.” –Leslie S.


Her determination for expanding healthcare access, reforming the education and criminal justice system, are some of the many reasons MoveOn is proud to endorse Summer Lee for reelection! 


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