Angela Alsobrooks

Angela Alsobrooks, a lifelong Marylander, was born and raised in Prince George’s County. From a young age, she learned to care for her neighbors and give back to her community, inspired by her great-grandmother’s words to “go farther and do better.”

Early Career and Education

Angela Alsobrooks felt an early calling to public service. She graduated from Duke University and the University of Maryland School of Law. She worked as a law clerk in the Howard County Circuit Court and the Baltimore City Circuit Court. She then became the first full-time Assistant State’s Attorney to handle domestic violence cases in Prince George’s County. Angela Alsobrooks held various roles in county government before making history as the youngest and first woman elected as Prince George’s County State’s Attorney.

Leadership as State’s Attorney

As the county’s top law enforcement officer, Alsobrooks stood up for families. She tackled some of Maryland’s worst criminals while treating both victims and the accused with dignity and respect. During her tenure, violent crime dropped by 50 percent. She established a pioneering unit to investigate and prosecute police and official misconduct.

Achievements as County Executive

In 2018, Angela Alsobrooks was elected Prince George’s County Executive. She became the first woman and the first Black woman to hold the position in Maryland history. In this role, she focused on creating jobs and growing economic opportunities. She invested in education and broke ground on 10 new schools. She also expanded access to healthcare, mental health, addiction treatment, and youth outreach. Angela Alsobrooks ensured community safety through these initiatives.

Commitment to Maryland Families

Raising her daughter in Upper Marlboro, Alsobrooks understands the needs of Maryland families. She believes Marylanders deserve a Senator who fights for them and shares their concerns. Angela Alsobrooks is running for Senate to be a voice for families like those she grew up with and has dedicated her life to serving. Vote for Angela Alsobrooks to ensure strong, compassionate, and effective leadership for Maryland.

Andy Kim

MoveOn is proud to endorse Andy Kim! His life in public service has been fueled by his parents’ journey which brought them to America to seek a better life. They overcame polio and famine to build a life in the U.S. that is bound by service to their community as a PhD scientist and nurse, respectively. Honoring the values his parents shared with him, Kim sought federal office to serve his community. As a member of Congress representing New Jersey’s 3rd Congressional District, he has been a steadfast force for protecting our environment, fighting for reproductive rights, and battling the affordability crisis in this country.


Kim’s campaign is motivated by a desire to restore integrity and trust in government, especially in the wake of corruption charges against a sitting senator. As a husband, father, and public servant, Kim is championing the values and opportunities that underpin the American dream for all families across New Jersey.


Here are just a few reasons some local MoveOn members like you are supporting Andy Kim in his bid for U.S. Senate in New Jersey:

“He has been a strong supporter of our democracy and women’s and veterans’ rights. I fully endorse him and will vote for him in the NJ primary in June.” –Maureen M.

“Andy Kim has proven himself to be a responsive and committed public servant … and a wonderful human being.” –Evalyn G.

“Andy Kim is extremely qualified for the position. He is a generous human and knowledgeable about the political system in NJ. He visits with constituents and is available to us! We need someone of his quality in the Senate!” –Nina T.


MoveOn is proud to endorse Andy Kim in the New Jersey Democratic primary for U.S. Senate! Click below to learn about Andy Kim and why he’s running in the U.S. Senate Democratic primary in New Jersey. 

Summer Lee

Making history as the first Black woman elected to Congress in Pennsylvania was just the start; Congresswoman Lee has been a force for growth and change in her district.


Within her first year in federal office, Congresswoman Lee brought back over $1 billion to the district, a historic investment into the city of Pittsburgh’s crumbling infrastructure. In addition to the influx of capital that is revitalizing aging infrastructure, Summer Lee has brought back more than $550 million to increase access to affordable housing and good-paying union jobs.


It is clear that Congresswoman Lee is a harbinger for change who represents everybody, including the most vulnerable in her district.


If reelected, Congresswoman Summer Lee will continue to champion critical interventions needed so that we can reimagine our criminal justice system, ensure unions for every worker, raise wages, and build a future rooted in social, environmental, racial, and economic justice.


Here are just a few reasons some local MoveOn members are supporting Summer Lee in her reelection bid:

“Summer is the real deal. She has always stayed true to her values and fought for the most vulnerable communities among us. I really love how she shows up for her district and represents the changing face of the Democratic Party.” –Kirsten W.

“She is doing a great job at addressing our local and national issues, helping bring several hundred millions of dollars for Southwestern Pennsylvania.” –Gary M.

“She has integrity, unlike many of our current politicians, and has always had a true progressive platform. She’s a fighter, she’s a winner, and we need her representation in Congress.” –Leslie S.


Her determination for expanding healthcare access, reforming the education and criminal justice system, are some of the many reasons MoveOn is proud to endorse Summer Lee for reelection! 


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