Our voting rights are under attack across the U.S. as Republican-controlled state legislatures take away our access to the ballot and give themselves more power to overturn election results.

A minority of Republican senators are using a racist, anti-democratic loophole—the filibuster—to block passage of essential laws that would protect our freedom to vote. This obstruction isn’t new: The Jim Crow filibuster has been abused to block progress for generations, from stopping over 300 anti-lynching laws to delaying the Voting Rights Act for years. It’s time for Democrats in the Senate and in the White House to show leadership. It’s time to abolish the filibuster.

Call Your Senator

All senators need to hear from us because it is clear the status quo is not working. Those who defend the filibuster over protecting our voting rights need to know where we stand and that we’ll hold them accountable. Senators who are ready to fight for our freedom to vote need to know we have their back and are expecting them to lead.

Here are some ideas on what you can say:

If your senator supports:

  • Thanks for recognizing the freedom to vote is more important than preserving the filibuster.
  • Protecting the freedom to vote is important to me because _______.
  • Please get more senators on board and hold a vote to abolish the filibuster soon.

If your senator is a maybe or opposes:

  • It is important to stop the Republican abuse of the filibuster and protect my freedom to vote because ______.
  • Over 70% of the country supports expanding access to voting, and we’re depending on you to act.
  • Voters elected Democrats to deliver. The time for negotiations has passed.

Sign the

Add your name to Martin Luther King III’s petition demanding Democrats deliver on voting rights by abolishing the filibuster.

In order to honor his father’s legacy, Democrats must take action, not just make promises.

What is a filibuster?

The filibuster is a Senate loophole that requires a bill to get 60 senators’ support before it can even come up for a vote. Throughout history, it’s been used to block civil rights—and in recent years, Republicans have abused it to an extreme degree to block all debate and progress.

Watch the one-minute episode of “Wait Wait …. That’s Racist!” for a history of the filibuster.


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